Pallet Man

Pallet Man

In Pallet Man, it’s the nature of the business, particularly if you are in the construction business delivering products like bricks, that one day you seem to be sitting pretty with pallets, and the next day you might wonder where all those pallets went.

Well, they’re sitting waiting at several construction sites, just waiting to be rounded up like stray cattle.

The problem is, it’s expensive to pick them up yourself. You have to break a guy free from work to go get them and perhaps hire a truck as well to get them ready to return to you.

The Pallet Man, on the other hand, has the trucks and the trained manpower to do the job at a fraction of the cost, again saving you money. And another thing. Let’s say you have 100 pallets scatted across the Sydney area. Not only can the Pallet Man do the job cheaper but we can take all the pallets back to our warehouse and individually inspect each one before returning them to you.

If they are dirty, we can pressure wash clean them. If they are cracked, we can determine if they are repairable and make such repairs at a fraction of the cost of new pallets. And if some pallets are totally no good for business anymore, we can woodchip them up and environmentally recycle them for you.